Wall Fixings

Fixings for Wood Stud Walls and Solid Walls are included
with all the TV Mounts we sell, but sometimes
you may require something a little more

For Dry-Lined / Dot & Dab walls, we recommend AVF Rigifix Long Heavy-Duty Fixings



AVF Rigifix Long Heavy-Duty Fixings are the perfect solution for mounting
almost anything to Dry Lined / Dot and Dab Walls


Extra-long wall plugs and anchors reach through the surface plasterboard layer, bridge the gap and secure deeply into the masonry / brickwork behind.
Leaving a secure threaded hole ready to take the supplied M6 fixing screw. Anchoring securely into all types of solid wall, from standard bricks, to aircrete blocks (Thermalite blocks), stone and even concrete. AVF Rigifix Long Heavy Duty Fixings are the only dry lined / dot and dab Wall Fixings approved and recommended by AVF, the UK’s number one TV Wall Mount Manufacturer.