Choosing a TV Mount

Choosing the right Mount Function

There are three basic TV Mount options. Flat, Tilting and Articulated Arms.


Choose a Flat Tv Mount if you just want to get your screen up on the wall and will be viewing at or around eye level.


Choose a mount that tilts if you are positioning your screen above eye level, or near to a light source such as a window, tilting the screen is a great way to reduce or avoid light glare and reflections.

Articulating Arms

Sometimes called Full Motion or Multi Position, these mounts enable you to push your screen flat against the wall and also pull it away from the wall and adjust to view from any angle. This is great for open plan living, large spaces and also setting a TV up in a corner.

Ensuring your TV is compatible

The screen sizes listed are a great starting point and will be correct for 99% of TVs. To ensure your TV is compatible you can measure its VESA hole pattern dimensions and also check its weight.

The VESA hole pattern is on the back of your TV. Measure Width then height of the hole pattern from hole centre to hole centre in millimetres to find your VESA size.

In most cases your screen will be well within the weight limit, but to be sure it’s a good idea to check. If you already have your TV bathroom scales could be useful, if not check online, most TV manufacturers list weight in their TV specifications.

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